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Aodhán Ó Ríordáin: It's time to abolish single-sex schools

With a major focus of the new office being single-gender education, Rex hired David Chadwell as director of single-gender initiatives for the South Carolina Department of Thmubs. Chadwell visited Seneca Middle last August to offer specialized training to a group of educators at the school. Principal Single sex thumbs LeRoy said that thummbs were informed via letter that the school was going thumbx offer single-gender in sec content area and invited them to call or visit the school if they opposed the idea. The principal said that Single sex thumbs school has again communicated those plans to all parents through mailings, thumbss question and answer sessions at the school and through guidance departments at the school and tbumbs elementary feeder schools of Northside, Ravenel, Code and Kellett.

Surrounding districts In Pickens County, three schools — A. Fhumbs least one school — Liberty Thumbe — has been confirmed to participate during the upcoming school year. While that particular class was successful, Burgess said an overall lack of interest, due primarily to a lack of information provided to parents, led to the decision not to offer the program at the school this year. Boys, he noted, tend to have a greater difficulty hearing, whereas girls tend to hear better and are more sensitive to sound. Chadwell also said that male and female students respond differently to how a teacher stands while addressing them, adding that males respond better when addressed side-by-side, while female students prefer face-to-face interaction.

He pointed out that male students prefer a more direct approach with their teachers, while females desire to connect with their teacher in order to feel better understood. Even the stress level experienced between boys and girls is something Chadwell said is different. International evidence from almost every English-speaking country shows co-education does however lead to better social outcomes. Girls and boys engaging with each other as equals. One study in the UK even showed a disproportionately higher rate of marital breakdown from men in their 40s who had attended all boys schools. Did African-Americans need educational analysis to argue that black and white children should attend the same schools in the Deep South in the s?

And desegregating the minority of our same-sex schools is also the right thing to do. Or at the very least it is the right time to talk about it. At a time when women are speaking up louder than ever before about sexual violence and intimidation, we have a moral responsibility to examine what in our society needs repairing.

Sing,e schooling leads to gender stereotyping, restricted subject choice Singlee also presents a manufactured educational setting that has no relevance in the Sinvle world. Gender equality demands parity of esteem. Single sex thumbs separate schooling in separate buildings from morning to late afternoon. There are thousands of parents of pupils in single sex schools who will robustly defend their choice and the experience of their children in those same institutions. I know exactly how they feel because I was a teacher and a principal of an all-girls primary school for 11 years and I loved every second of it.

But no one should be frightened of a debate. If we were to set a target of desegregating all our primary schools in the next 10 years, with community buy-in and taking account for the dynamics of each individual school, what would be the case against it?