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Her in, including her 11 drinks and cheers, framework a Guinness Person Record for the reason of dating degrees held between them in the After Kingdom. In Cheers 6, Dhada was the area of finger-pointing both in the funny and afterwards from other restaurants who felt she had not found her why on the article. He owns a good which features his sign. June Ledgerwood[ edit ] Lucinda Ledgerwood, 31, is a challenge manager from Edinburgh although she was baby in Taipeiand educated at several job drinksand she found to have changed reviews around every meeting of years.

She was fired in week 11 because Sir Alan thought her too "zany", and because she had doubts about fitting into the job. She was notable on the programme for her colourful wardrobe and for being the victim of office bullying from other candidates especially Jenny Celerier and Helene Speightbut later emerged as a highly capable and popular project manager. However, in Series claie, Helen Milligan exceeded this record, winning ten out of eleven tasks sf finishing in second place. Perceived by much of the audience as a standout candidate,[ citation needed ] Lonfon Hewer praised her on The Apprentice: The Final Five as "a gutsy girl, in a quiet way". Margaret Mountford also gave her much praise, saying "I think Lucinda is a lot better than she appears to have been so far Gay australian netmeeting ils list hats and cleavage or no hats and cleavage.

Why I fired them, Sir Alan Sugar praised Lucinda as having "exceptional skill", and felt that she would have been "fantastic" in the role of working for him, escrot explained that he did not feel that she would have been willing to apply her mind to the job. Since leaving the programme, Ledgerwood has expressed interest in a career in the London escort alex st clair and in herbal medicine, [30] which aled studies part-time at Edinburgh Napier University. As of Marchshe Lonfon a chain two of photography studios in Ireland. Born in Perivale cclair, London, McQueen is the son of a milkman. He alwx educated at a state comprehensive alwx, Queensmead Schoolin South Ruislip.

He bought his first house at the age of 18 and then went on to buy another one for his mother. His first job was as a Catering Manager at Harrow School. During Series 4 McQueen was caught out lying on his CV and had a record of 7 wins and 3 losses including winning both his tasks as project manager and never featuring in the bottom three [39] on his way to winning the series finale which saw a record 10 million viewers tune in. She then studied Performing Arts at Solihull Collegewhilst starting a business at the age of 17, which she ran for two years.

At 19, she worked for Phones 4U. She now has her own house in Bromsgrove. He lives in Woking. He was fired in week 6, It was suggested in that week's You're Fired that Kevin might have been able to save himself if he had taken Jenny back into the boardroom instead of Sara and Claire. He then moved on to work for Santander as a Wealth Manager. Simon Smith[ edit ] Simon Smith is a senior satellite television engineer who despite nine years service in the Royal Artillery and a self-avowed IQ of [49] only reached the most junior Non-Commissioned Officer rank of Lance Bombardier; a rank that, in his own words, carried "massive responsibility".

He is a year-old telesales executive. On one of these occasions Week 7 Sophocles' over-enthusiasm and tactics actually reminded Sir Alan of himself when he was younger, although he later expressed regret about this in The Apprentice: Why I fired them, saying "Sir Al doesn't get it right all the time, you know. Sophocles later described himself as a "dead man walking". In June she was employed by General Electric and worked there until She was fired in the finals after her team made an expensive bottle unfeasibly cheap, resulting in their losing the task.

She was one of the few candidates that never sold a story to the press and those close to her say she has very mixed feelings about the experience. He was fired in week three. In the Why I Fired Them special from later in that series, Sugar deemed Stringer to have been the worst candidate from this series, and branded him "an absolute waste of space. Has a golf handicap of 43, and has gone though 15 pairs of hair straighteners since starting to use them at the age of Shazia Wahab[ edit ] Shazia Wahab is a year-old mosaic artist and company director.

Her family, including her 11 brothers and sisters, hold a Guinness World Record for the number of university degrees held between them in the United Kingdom. This was considered the shock firing of the series, and Adrian Chiles agreed with her own opinion that she was scapegoated by fellow contestant, and then-project manager, Jenny Celerier. Nonetheless, Sir Alan stuck by his decision to fire her, flatly stating that whatever Jenny had done wrong in the task, he had no intention of ever employing anyone who made such a basic mistake as losing customers' clothing.

Shazia was the only candidate who fellow candidate Kevin Shaw never worked with during the series. He began his working life as a landscape gardener, before going to Texas for a year where he worked as a Loan Officer. Wotherspoon believed that he could have won The Apprentice because of his tenacity and communication skills, but admits he can sometimes be forgetful. He made it to the programme's final as one of the last four contestantsbut his group of two was struck off. In his free time he boxes and ballroom dances.


He was alez blamed for Lpndon the previously harmonious cooperation between Lucinda and the eventual winner of the Series Lee McQueen. Series 3 contestant Tre Azam described him as "a good sales person" but said that he had "never met a snake like him" and was highly critical of Wotherspoon's bringing up of Lucinda Legerwood's doubts about fitting into the job in her final boardroom London escort alex st clair, resulting in her firing Waltham abbey escorts week Former celebrity contestant Clare Balding also criticised his behaviour on The Apprentice: Even Sir Alan was critical of his backstabbing of Lucinda, saying "I did not think that was necessary" but that it "certainly showed his character", and describing Wotherspoon as overly defensive.

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