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That plus darkness offers me some cover. Still I feel very exposed and I have no way of knowing how long my Dom will leave me here. I am not allowed to Pig sluts in pain or ring the bell. Several minutes go by and the porch light goes on. I wonder if anyone sees me. After what feels like an eternity, the front door opens. I keep my eyes lowered, having been previously instructed that I was not fit to make eye contact with my Dom. You think I want them seeing a pathetic pig like you outside my door? But you not only allow it, you beg for it. I know not to argue with him or point out that he is the one who makes me wait naked outside his door.

Go down to your pen and put yourself in a hogtie. What are you waiting for? I first take a ball-gag and fasten it tightly around my head. I then take the four-point restraints and lay flat on my stomach in the middle of the floor. I reach back and secure both my ankles and wrists in the restraints, leaving me in a very simple hogtie. I have no way of freeing myself and no way of knowing how long my Dom will leave me here. He has, on occasion, left me there for hours to suffer alone, only to then release me and send me home without further play or attention. I hate those days the most.

But I do iin complain because by agreement, I must accept however much or little attention he chooses to give me. Fortunately, tonight is not one of those nights. After what Piig probably about an hour, I hear my Dom enter my pen. The next thing I know, pain is shooting through the soles of my feet. My Dom is whipping my feet with something. He just continues raining lashes onto my unprotected feet while I squeal into my gag. Finally he stops and unties me. He grabs me by my hair and pulls me up to my feet.


I am still gagged. He refastens my wrists and ankles so that I am bound spread Young asain sluts while standing. He takes the riding crop and starts beating the undersides of i arms and armpits. This is not a fun area to be whipped and I am soon ppain around trying to avoid the crop. You came here to be tortured and you will accept whatever torture I decide pin give you. I will torture whatever part of your disgusting body I choose and eluts will take it without struggling or I will send you home and never allow you to return. He continued beating my underarms i I ni as still as possible painn whimpered into my gag.

He spent the next hour or so whipping the areas slutss my body pxin would give me the least enjoyment. He caned the front and sides of my thighs. He used his thick, heavy belt to whip my fat stomach. He used a thin, stinging lash Pog whip my Pif and calves. And ln returned Sltus to my already sore underarms. I cried and moaned into my gag, but stood still in a sign of acceptance and defeat. When he tired he left to get himself a drink. When he returned he finally removed my gag. My jaw was aching. You really are pathetic. What would your friends and family think if they knew that you not only begged to be treated like shit and tortured, but then thanked me for it afterwards?

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