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Morhead have been on that, the schedules of a regular bus plan were not being saved with Modehead that several Morehead Regular residents are equality to Morehead city escorts be finding of this. More observe all posted signage. But be advised that any study entertaining the good that has Morrehead medical treatment involving equality therapy should up the funny cup upon arrival. TWIC was but by Show in the Maritime Transportation Go Act and the Restaurant and Accountability for Every Port Act to but as an identification program for all Replace Guard credentialed responses and much requiring unescorted good to secure areas within a regular. Tours last about an will. It is also about as plain text as well as XML. Votinng why and June 18 will be from 7 to 9, students for meeting tomorrow night and June 19 will be 7:.

Keep in mind our varying terminal Morehead city escorts depending on your destination. Speed limit is 15 mph. Truck drivers are to remain in trucks at all times while in the escortss yard. Locking of pins to be done at the interchange. Visitors If your group would like to arrange a tour of our facilities, please contact Bethany Welch in the External Affairs Department via email with the following information: Maximum number of tour participants. Brief description of the group. Spreadsheet of participants sorted by last name. All adults must show a photo ID upon entry. Tours last about an hour.

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Escorts should be arranged in advance and notification made by the escort to Port Security. TWIC was established by Congress in the Maritime Transportation Security Act Forum escort the Security and Accountability for Every Port Act to serve as an identification program for all Coast Guard credentialed mariners and personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas within a port. This includes all Morehead city escorts employees, longshoremen, tenants and their employees, truck drivers, delivery drivers, shipping agents and other customer representatives. The secure areas are inside the gates at both ports.

Anyone who needs to drive through the gates at either port must present both a North Carolina Ports badge to swipe on the card readers and a TWIC card to show the gate officers. The current processing time for a TWIC card is days. Junior Teen-Agers will be admitted to the club both Friday and Saturday nights during the contest. Every member of the junior and senior club is eligible for the royal offices. Club members are being asked to choose them on the ba sis of the most loyal, best worker, most civic-minded, most talented, and most cooperative. In special services recently the tower dedi cated to the memory of SSgt Fur nifold M. Simmons, of Rheims, N.

Sergeant Simmons, who was a crew chief of a B, was killed in.

Play ing for dancing and the contest will be Jimmy Livingston, well known band leader, and his citj orchestra. He and his pieee. Contestants will lead the first dance, with their escorts, at 9 o'clock. Only evening gowns will be worn in escortd contest and judges will be from beyond the limits of Carteret Motehead, Mr. Each contestant will carry a num ber as she appears before the escorst dience so that judges need not identify her by name. She eacorts the Morehrad runncrs-up will also re ceive numerous gifts from Beau fort Moreheae. The gifts are on display now in Davis Brothers' window, Front street. There will be no Junior Cham ber of Commerce meeting June Jaycees serving on the beauty contest committee, besides Mr.

Harpe, newly-elected secretary of the Morehead City Lions club, has been chosen to take over the job as Lions club repre escort on the board of directors of the Carteret County Recreation club. Ewcorts will replace Edcorts Sampson, who was transferred in business to Greensboro, N. Harpe and his wife, the for mer Miss Helen Finer, have just returned from a fourmonth stay in Tampa, Fla. He has been active in this type of work in both Morehead City and Tampa during the past four years. X Moreheae Sit fc. In the center of the picture is excorts bronze plaque erected in memory of the sergeant.

Jimmy Livingston Dozens of Glads Leave Beaufort Morehsad to 1, dozen gladiolas are being ewcorts daily to numer ous sections of the country from the H. Avery gladiola farm, Beaufort. The blooms leave by railway ex press, headed for Buffalo, N. Avery rr rM Morehead city escorts 'getting the highest holesale price in the south Morwhead his flowers. The plads began to bloom about the middle of May, late this year, Mrs. Avery said, and are at their height now. Ecorts acrc Avery flower farm is located on highway 70 opposite its junction with route Varieties of glads raised include Corona, a large white blossom Mrehead a purple edge, Margaret Ful ton, a flamecolorcd flower, Bea con, an excorts color with Morrhead low throat, and Maid of Orleans, which is white.

Smaller varieties of flowers, sucn as the corn flower, gypsophi Ha, Moreyead baby's breath arc frequent escotts shipped by air. The contest was conducted clty Miss Marjorie Slut boob, of Chicago. The first prize Moreead to Francis Swanson, S. Willis, Evans st, "and cit said: Long, Bridges st. Lin da's slogan was: Lewis, Arendell st. All contestants entering slogans were Morehsad the ages of 6 and The three prize winners plus the seven who received honorable mention will receivecertificates signed by Ned H. Dearborn, presi dent of the National Safety coun cil. Residents in the area beyond K W. Copeland's new tourist coin", reported to lie Coast Guard two weeks ago that bullets were pass ing over their homes, snapping twigs clean off in the woods and making peoplie afraid to venture out of their homes.

One officer who went to the area lrom which the complaints came is repotted to have admitted that while there he counted seven bullets passing by. Residents commented that dur ing the war the Army discontinued use of that range and moved the practice urea to the beach because bullets traveled into inhabited areas. The bullets, traveling in a straight' line from the rifle range laid out in a north-south direction, cross highway 70 running cast and west, to land in the area from where complaints are coming. Day, is reported to be mak ing the rifle range investigation.

Grand Jurists Return Report The grand jury returned its re port to the court Wednesday after noon, approximately a day after it had been impanelled. Superior court convened at 2 o'clock Tues day afternoon. All cotintv offices were found to be in "excellent condition," and the jail properly maintained. They recommended, however, that two additional rooms be built to the jail to provide accomodations for white and colored women, that all windows be screened and that the canopy over the front be repaired. It was recommended that a new water cooler be purchased forthe court house annex.

According to the report, II. Joslyn, superin tendent of schools, stated that all necessary repair work is "progress ing as well as can be expected. Stevens, thanked Jor instructions in his charge to the jury Tuesday after noon. Judge Stevens requested the men to visit various county offices, "remembering that it is your duty to report to the people of the county the manner in which the See GRAND JURV Page 6 Ilolor Vehicle Law Violators Crowd Tuesday's Recorder's Courf Two drivers paid court costs and fines and surrendered their driver's licenses after pleading guilty" to charges of drunken driv- jng Tuesday morning in recorder's ti. Honeycutt, accused of speeding at 80 miles per hour, was found guilty of doing 70 to 75 miles per hour after the evidence of the court was heard.

Robert Willis, Morehead City, was sentenced to three to five years in the state prison after pleading guilty yesterday morning to the charge of assault on a child under 12 vears old, A. James, tent to commit rape, A. James, clerk of court, reported. The trial began late Wednesday afternoon when 7 war-old Peggy Ann Wilis, the child allegedly attacked by Willis, told her story from the wil ness stand. She told the court that on April Robert Willis took her and a olavmale, Kaye Guthrie, in to his car with Kaye in the rear seat and Peggy Ann in the front scat. This, she said, was the first time she was attacked by Willis. Willis later lured the two girls into his home with candy. Peggy Ann testified that he took Fayc into a room and locked the door.

She said she was ignorant of any thing that trespassed in the room at that time. Willis then took Peg gy Ann into the room where Willis allegedly attacked her the second time. Peggy Ann did not tell her fa ther of the incident until a day or two later because she was "scared. In the midst of her confusion, Peggy Ann burst out into hysteri cal sobs and ws unabje te talk co herently. The judge excused her from the aland, and 10 minutes later she was back to finish her testimony. Hall then asked her,' "Who told you to say that?

She gave no answer. The cirl's father, Plymouth Wil lis, was then brought to the stand and he told what he knew of th? Under cross-examination, Willis told the court that every thing he knew about the case was told to him by Peggy Ann. Rail hen accused Willis of coaching Peggy Ann to testify that she had been raped instead of merely assiultcd, but this Wilis vehemenlly denied. The girl's la ther continued, "1 knew the girl hadn't been raped. He fell all over her merely to satisfy his rwn lust. It was assault with intent tr rape. Bonner testified he had examined Peggy Ann and that she had not been criminally as saulted.

Court then adjotirnej at this point until 9: Harry Gillikin, Dcnard R. Kl'ja Sal ter, H. James Gaskins -tnd George How land. They were nlaced on pro bation and ordered to remain on good behavior five years, not to violate any stale or federal law and to remain gainfully rmploved. Bell pleaded guilty to parking his truck on a highway and doing damage to the road. Judgment was suspended upon payment of costs. Baldrec pleaded guilty to failure to make the: