Escort airbag light flashing

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If your vehicle has been through the recall Escort airbag light flashing, take the following steps to insure the airbags have not been lihgt The airbag diagnostic monitor is designed to hold power for 1 minute after the vehicle power is cut off, and will deploy the airbags if you do not wait. Look for broken plastic, corrosion, burning, or loose connections It is not necessary to disconnect the wiring to inspect the airbags. Remove the driver air bag by removing the retaining bolts on the back of the steering wheel 2 10mm bolts.

Passenger airbag is accessed by flzshing the glove compartment, pushing the retaining bumpers "in", to drop it down. Passenger airbag is held in by 4 8mm bolts. If you see signs of prior deployment, you will need to replace the air bags, airbag sensors, and the airbag diagnostic monitor. If there are no signs of deployment they should be fine. Remove the wire clips from the airbag diagnostic monitor.

Airbag Light Blinking 5 then 3

Remove the ligyt monitor retaining bolts 10mm, 2 on driver side, and 1 on passenger side. Slide the diagnostic monitor out. If you are going to use a used airbag diagnostic monitor as a replacement, make sure the vehicle you get it Escort airbag light flashing "has not" had the airbags deployed, and you use the "same exact" model. Airvag model numbers are on top of the monitor the manufacturing date is listed last, and is irrelevant ; Most ford vehicles of use the same monitor with different positioning brackets, and are generally located in the same area of the vehicle. Well the battery was going downhill, and has just been replaced. But the code was definitely I haven't seen it back yet, but then again it was very intermittent anyway.

This can be done at you local Ford Dealer, or you replace the Crash Sensor yourself. Good luck and Good repairing. If you attempt to do this you need to have some car repair ability's. You Primary Sensor is located under the front Cowling, just below the Hood latch. This is the info you need which I retrieved from the ford tech manual Pinpoint Test X: The resistance between these pins in the air bag diagnostic monitor connector and ground should be infinite. The resistance across the normally open contacts of the two radiator primary crash front air bag sensors should also be infinite. The air bag diagnostic monitor measures the voltage on pins 2, 6, 17 and