Aqualight compact coralife fluorescent light single strip

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Sijgle are optional mounting legs that can be easily attached to the special channels on the Aqualight housing which enables the aquarist to feed and do some maintenance without removing the light fixture. Not only do they utilize electronic ballasts, any heat generated from the lamps and ballasts is moved out of the enclosure through vents built into the top surface of the hood housing.

Coralife Aqualight Double Linear Strip Compact Fluorescent Fixture, 2X96 Watt, 36 inch (53104)

These fixtures also utilize electronic ballast swhich reduce electricity consumption and produce much less heat than the older tar ballasts. Not only compat there numerous technical aspects such as wattage, spectrum, and Kelvin to mention just a few, there are many different types and shapes of lamps, Ask almost anyone about what type of lighting is best suited for your aquarium keeping goals and you'll get different answers. Another happy client and that makes me feel good!